Warranty, Repairs and Spare-parts Policy

Visit our Warranty page for all the details on Flow warranty, repairs and submitting a request.

BOA Warranty and Support

BOA laces and other components are guaranteed for life! But sometimes unfortunate things happen; visit the BOA Warranty and Support page for the quickest service. But you can also visit our Flow Warranty page.

Sizing Questions?

Download the PDF below for all your sizing questions.

Sizing Chart

Need help with your Binding Setup?

Our bindings are not very complicated, but a little love towards setting everything up properly to fit your gear and personal preference goes a long way towards a great day on the hill! View our How-To Videos for all the details per model/series: Binding Instruction Videos
Or download our binding instruction manual for the basics: Binding Instruction Manual

Do Flow bindings work on all boards?

Yes, in general Flow bindings will work on all boards. Depending on each model, they will fit directly on the 3 commonly used mounting patterns (4x4, 3HP and Channel-M6), or you may have to buy a separate converter disk;
• Flow NX2, FUSE and ISIS series bindings can be readily mounted on all 3 mounting patterns; 4x4, 3HP and Channel-M6. See instructions on the disk or the Binding Instruction Manual
• Flow Flite, H and M-series bindings (model-year 2007 and newer) can be readily mounted on the 4x4 and 3HP mounting patterns, see instructions on the disk or the Binding Instruction Manual. To fit the Channel-M6 boards, you will need to buy our converter disk: CLICK HERE TO BUY
• If you still have a pair of NXT-series bindings, they can be readily mounted on the 4x4 and 3HP mounting patterns. To fit the Channel-M6 boards, you will need to buy a converter disk. Limited availability, try one of our online retailers.
• Any other series and/or older bindings than listed above will have limited compatibility options, most of them only allowing for mounting on 4x4 and 3HP patterns. No converter disks are available.

For more information on mounting options: (Binding-Disk Compatibllity Download)

Are top-straps interchangeable?

Some Flow foot-straps are interchangeable, but due to the fact that materials and model-specifications do change, only some straps will fit on some models. Please check carefully that the footstrap-buckles fit and work well with the ladderstraps, and only the same combination between those should be used as on the original setup. We recommend that you test your straps before you go riding.

Do boards come ready to ride?

Our boards come from the factory waxed and ready to ride, but it's always a good idea to tune your board after a few days of riding, and always check if your hardware is still tight too.

My Flow A.B.T. board has a bubble on the base?

A.B.T. (Augmented Base Technology) is a unique design, which has a Silicone dampening insert in the base. This helps reduce chatter, impact and gives an overall smoother ride. The bubble(s) are intentional; this is where the Silicone sits directly underneath your base material. This Silicone is not liquid, so it will never leak. If you damage your base, the Silicone area is just as easy to repair as other ears of the base, as you would with any other snowboard. And waxing and grinding, either by hand or with a professional machine in the shop is no problem either! The Silicone is designed to move and reform under pressure, wether it's icy or chuncky patches of snow, a handrail, or the belt of a waxing/grinding machine, the base adapts and absorbs. Find more information about A.B.T. here.

How does the QuickFit work on Flow boots?

Download the PDF below for to answer all your QuickFit questions.

QuickFit Instruction

Can I rent Flow equipment?

You sure can, Flow products are readily available at most mountain rental departments.  Please contact your local area to find out if Flow is available or not.  If not, request that they carry Flow.

Can I get a catalog?

Save a tree, Download our catalog PDF below.

Flow Catalog

Or take a look at it online:

Flow Online Catalog

Can I get stickers?

Send a self-addressed and stamped envelope to:
Flow Snowboards
attn: Sticker Dude
1021 Calle Recodo
San Clemente, CA92673

Do you live outside of the USA? Contact your local distributor, to find out how to contact them, Click Here

Where can I find an Authorized Flow dealer?

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Where can I find an International Flow Dealer?

Check out our Flow International Contacts: Click Here

How can I register my new Flow products?

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