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Our Go Riding Centers are designed to cater to your snowboarding needs.
Wether you are new to snowboarding and not own a set-up yet, maybe it just wasn't convenient to travel with a big bag of gear, or maybe you want to try something different.
Enjoy the convenience of grabbing a Flow set-up on the go and enjoy a hassle-free great day on the hill.
We are conveniently located in many resorts and at indoor slopes, see below for locations near you.


Experience the convenience of Flow Go Riding Rental products

  • Rhythm Rental Boards

    Flow Rhythm Rental boards are designed for easy learning and having fun. Twin-tip shapes and EZ-Rocker profile allow for a catch-free ride down any hill. The mellow Dual Transitional sidecut allows easy turning at slower speeds while also allowing stability at faster speeds. Learning is about the Rhythm.

  • Evolve Rental Bindings

    Flow Evolve Rental bindings offer all the benefits of Flow bindings; easy Speed-Entry through the Reclining Hiback so you don't have to sit down to get in. Efficient energy-transfer through the PowerTraingle cable, so it's easier to make turns without wasting energy. And the Evolve is availabe with 2 types of straps: comfortable no-pressure Fusion PowerStraps, or more traditional 2-straps.

  • ANSR Rental Boots

    Slip into our ANSR Rental boots, and you will feel the comfort, warmth and support that our well-fitting boots are known for. The Boa® Closure System makes lacing up and adjusting the tightness of your boots easy as pie, and the all-rubber outsole provides ample of traction on the snow or during the slippery walk through the village.

Helpful hints and tricks.


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    What should I bring to the mountain?

    Clothes that will keep you warm and dry for winter weather, and layer your clothes to regulate your personal temperature. Gloves or mittens, a hat or better yet a helmet, and goggles or sunglasses. Sunscreen, and water to stay hydrated.
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    How should I prepare?

    There is a few easy things you can do:
    - Take a look at the forecast and be prepared. A facemask on a cold, windy day can make the difference.
    - If you can drink some water and grab a snack before hand, your body will be better prepared.
    - Give yourself ample time to get your equipment at the Go Riding Center and finding the meeting location of your snowboard school, will let you focus on getting to know the instructor, your group and letting them get to know you.
    - And most importantly a little anxiety is expected, but try and relax - it's snowboarding, and snowboarding is fun!

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    How to select the right type and size products?

    The service employees at the Go Riding Center will help you select the correct type and size board. Boots should correlate to the same size as you wear your regular sports shoes, and they should feel a bit snug, but when standing up and bending your knees your toes should have just enough wiggle room to stay happy.


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    Should I take a lesson?

    If you are new to snowboarding, we would strongly advise to take lessons at the local snowboard school to enjoy a fun and safe time on the mountain. Snowboarding is very easy to learn, and the tricks and tips from professional instructors will keep you off your butt and on the right track. Even for more experienced snowboarders, an advanced group or VIP lesson once in a while goes a long way for upping the ante, wether it's better edge control or learning some tricks in the freestyle park.
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    How to use your products?

    Especially snowboard bindings can be a bit intimidating at first. Our Flow bindings are super easy to use. With the footstraps set to the correct tightness and fit for your boot by the Go Riding service employee, all you have to do is unlock the lever on the rear of the hiback, fold the hiback down, kick your boot in and lock the hiback and lever back up. It's that easy, and you can do that without sitting down! Getting out is just as easy, bend your knees slightly to take the pressure off the hiback, open the lever on the back, and step out.


Flow Rental and Demo products are offered at these affiliated Go Riding Centers.
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    Our Flow Go Riding Center consists of award-winning rental product. Our products are not only designed and built to provide riders a great day on the hill, they are also very cleverly engineered to optimize rental facilities operations.

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