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Flow turns 20! In 1996 the snowboarding world forever changed. 1996 was the year that Flow came to market with the first reclining hiback binding, as well as a complimentary boot line. Innovative, comfortable and performance driven, Flow was smashing the status quo of traditional 2-strap bindings and changing the perception of how a snowboard boot should fit. Flow was “different by design.”

Fast forward to 2002 when Flow added a compelling line of snowboards to its product offering. The addition of the board line completed the board, boot and binding package and was a major step forward in making Flow a comprehensive snowboarding brand. Over the last 20 years a tremendous amount of innovation, technology and heart have been added to all Flow products making Flow a top snowboarding brand globally.

Today, Flow focuses on four key brand pillars that support everything the brand was about when it started and continues to be today. Flow is an original snowboarding brand, focused on designing Innovative, Simplistic, Fun and Performance driven products. These words define everything that Flow is today and supports all aspects of the product and vision that the brand set out to accomplish when it began. It is now time to…



Deep in the backcountry of Tahoe lies a hidden gem called Area 241. It's Mike Basisch's private property turned into a mini snowboard resort, where he has built his own tiny home, a small chairlift and plenty of snowmobile accessible terrain.

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Micron Snowday

With the Micron Snowday, you will be pulling your little ones into a lifelong love for snowboarding. Made like a real snowboard, but without the sharp steel edges, the Snowday is the perfect board to start sliding sideways on all sorts of surfaces. On a patch of snow, on the grass, on sand or even inside on the carpet, pulling the snowday by the self-retracting tow-rope will teach your kid balance and sideways motion. Once they get the hang of it, the rope can also be used as a little stability aid.

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Simple is the best solution

Styles come and goes, but simple stands the test of time, fashion and trends. Our Bags and Luggage are simply that. Crafted with a waterproof 600D Polyester, padded constructions, and stylish finishes we have something for everyone.

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Go Riding

If you are new to snowboarding, getting your first board and gear might be quite intimidating. This is why renting snowboard equipment the first time around is another great option, and we have the perfect gear waiting for you in our Flow Go Riding Centers. Click the link below for more info and to find a Go Riding Center.

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