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    Connect with Mike

  • Mike Basich
    Home town: Tahoe
    Home Mountain: Area 241
    Stance: Goofy

    Mike is a true to life Living Legend in the snowboarding world. He has been riding epic mountains for over 25 years. Basich is not only a great rider, he is an unbelievable artist as well. Well before Gopro’s were around he captured incredible selfies with a collection of DSLR cameras, remotely triggered flashes and tripod contraptions. Mike went on to built his own mini-mountain retreat called Area-241 (chairlift included). He owns a snowcat on his property and he also hand built his very own tiny home, as well as one on wheels that he pulls behind his travel mobile. Basich is a do it all guy who has years of knowledge and experience riding all types of terrain. Oh... and he may be the only person to jump out of a helicopter from 100 ft. up and take his own picture of it!

Mike's Gear