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The Most Comfortable Fit Right Out Of The Box

One of the critical keys to comfort is fit and feel, which is why we have designed and perfected our proprietary and anatomically shaped inner and outer lasts. This gives our boots their award winning and universal fit. Put a pair on your feet and find out for yourself why Flow boots are being talked about around the world.

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Support System

The support in Flow boots is achieved by the 3D-molded tongues and the various Closure Systems, like our tight collaboration with Boa®, our unique HeelLock systems and our RipperLacing liners.

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Barefoot Control

BareFoot Technology supports your feet and converts maximum power and feel into board control, plus the proven Vibram® rubber compounds provide great traction on ice and snow. Giving you confidence in traction and control.

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Flow Boots will keep you warm and dry all day long

The key to keeping your feet happy is a great fit, but also temperature and moisture control. We use a thermal insulating barrier between the outsole and liner called SpaceBlanket, to keep the warmth inside and the cold outside. And to regulate moisure and avoid smell, our liners utilize Silvadur™ materials to avoid sweaty feet and provide longlasting freshness.

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Designed for Performance

Every inch of our boots is designed for top notch performance. The 3D lasted tongue for instance is anatomically shaped to provide natural flex and support without bulk and pressure points. Our 3D molded toe-boxes eliminate extra layers and stitched seams around the tip of the boot to create more durability, keep your feet warmer, and the streamlined design provides easier entry and exit into our Flow bindings.

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Liners, The beauty is on the inside

The liner is the part of the boot that is in direct contact with your foot, so we use only the very best in foams and insoles to give you superior fit and support. Keeping your foot and ankle pulled back and locked in position is another important aspect to make riding more efficient and enjoyable. Our liners and internal closure systems are equipped with tons of features like Ripper Lacing, internal and external J-bars and Velcro top-straps, to do just that.

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Find Your Flow Boot

Every foot is unique, and our heat and self-moldable liners will conform to your feet for an optimal fit. Whether you are looking for a more forgiving and comfortable boot for a great day on the hill, a rugged and stiffer boot for all your backcountry adventures, or for any other preference in between, we have the right boot for you.

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Your Choice,
Three Styles of Lacing Systems...

  • Dual Reel Boa®

    The Boa® Focus configuration gives you two dials on each boot, to control the upper and lower zone of your boot individually for a highly customized fit.

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  • Single Reel Boa®

    The Boa® Coiler gives you one dial to quickly close and open up your boot, and allow a secure and even closure with just a few turns of the dial.

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  • Hybrid Heel-Lock

    HYBRID lacing boots combine Boa® Coiler with our unique Heel-Lock system, offering extra heel-hold with either a simple pull of the QuickFit ankle-zone speedlace or a simple turn of the BOA side-dial.

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Your Choice,
Four Levels of Support...

  • Talon + Lunar

    The Talon and Lunar are the stiffest and most responsive boots in our line. Geared towards riders that are looking for high energy riding, want a lot of support and practically live in their boots.

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  • Helios + Tracer

    The Helios and Tracer boots are great all-mountain boots with a moderate flex, giving a good amount of support while allowing some flex for tweaking your own personal style into your riding.

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  • Aero + Onyx

    These models are not too stiff and not too soft, they are just perfect for riders looking for an all-around comfortable and great fitting boot. And they are incredibly light too, so you barely notice that you are wearing them!

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    Our Ranger, Maya and Micron boots are designed to be more forgiving but still supportive enough for a long day of riding, whether you are new to the sport or love to keep cruising the slopes at your own pace.

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Four Types of Riding Style...


    You live for deep powder, steep mountains and are always eager to explore the mountain front to back. You are not afraid to go fast, hike for fresh snow and push the limits. The support and versatility of these bindings will not let you down.

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  • Versatile

    You love to go snowboarding as much and long as you can, and you ride as much of the mountain as you can. Some days you just charge the groomers, other days you may hit the park, and when there is fresh powder you know where you will be!

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  • Discover

    Snowboarding is awesome! Maybe you are just starting out, maybe your exciting annual trip is coming up, or maybe you want a SpeedEntry binding to keep up with your riding buddies. These bindings are exactly what you are looking for.

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  • Future

    Kids are the future. They pick up snowboarding so easily, and what is more fun than a day of riding with the whole family? Keep them stoked with the right gear, and be amazed by their on-snow antics. Our Micron line is designed specifically for your precious little shreds.

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