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Smooth and Confident

The Kush-Control Urethane sidewalls, base- inserts and topsheet-inserts absorb all chatter, vibrations and impacts, delivering maximum edge control and the smoothest riding experience to boost any riders’ confidence.

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Flow Snowboard Rush Kush-Control

Kush Control Rides Better

Our all-new KUSH-CONTROL TECHNOLOGY consists of 3 unique Urethane features, which are strategically placed in the base, the sidewall and the topsheet to create the smoothest and strongest snowboards available on the hill. Urethane is flexible and highly resistant to impacts in extremely cold temperatures. Urethane is also utilized due to its superior bonding properties and can withstand the abuse that a snowboard endures. We have engineered our boards to exploit the excellent dampening properties of Urethane, so we can provide you the smoothest ride possible.

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Flow Snowboard Kush-Control Technology

Strongest Construction

The superior bonding characteristics of Urethane along with the best selection in materials, offers the strongest and most durable snowboard construction.

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Per4mance Guarantee

We stand behind the quality of our boards, therefor we now offer our 4 YEAR PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE Limited Warranty, underlining how much we back the quality of our snowboards and let you trust that your new board will be free from defects in materials and workmanship.

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Flow Snowboard Performance Guarantee

Camber - VS - Rocker

Camber or Rocker? A complex story made easy to understand. When you lay a board down on its base, Camber boards are bent in a way that the center of the board lifts off the ground and Rocker boards are bent in a way that the tip and tail of the board are lifted off the ground.

Camber boards are typically more responsive and lively. You have to put a bit more energy in it, but more energy comes back out of the board when making a turn, ollieing, or jumping.

Rocker boards are typically easier to ride and more playful and forgiving. The board is already bent the way it would when you are turning, meaning less work for you and less chances of catching an edge. Flow Rocker boards are all Hybrids; rocker between your feet and slight camber back to the tip and tail for more control but still forgiving and playful.

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Flow Snowboard Camber and Rocker Technology

We Take Pride in Every Board we Shape

When we shape a snowboard, we generally opt for one of 3 primary designs: Twin Shapes, Directional Shapes, or Directional Twin Shapes. All 3 shapes offer a different feel and riding characteristic. To understand which shape will suit you best, look at where and what you ride the most...

Twin = Groomed Runs, Cruising, Park or Freestyle

Directional Twin = Groomed Runs, Cruising or Charging, some SideCountry or Freeride

Directional = Steeper Runs, Backcountry, Deep Powder

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Flow Snowboard Woodcores
Flow Snowboard Fusion Better Together

Get On Board

Every snowboarder is unique, not every snowboard trip is the same. Even for the every day rider, no days on the hill are exactly the same. Whether you like to cruise the whole mountain with your family, take park laps with your crew or find the new steep and deep lines, we have you covered. Our board line offers a board for everyone, and we design our boards to have great all-mountain performance qualities for maximum fun, no matter where you ride.

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Your Choice,
Three Types of Profiles

  • Camber

    Faster and more high energy riding, quick and grippy edge-to-edge turns, most ollie-pop, but less forgiving. Our Pop-Cam boards like to charge and go big, our Pow-Cam boards fear nothing and the extra rockered nose floats great in deep snow.

    Flow Camber Snowboards
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  • Rocker

    From cruising to fast and energetic riding (but more forgiving), Hybrid Rockers are very fun all-round boards. Our I-Rock boards offer more edgehold while still remaining playful. Our EZ-Rock boards are easy to ride and very playful.

    Flow Rocker Snowboards
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  • Flat

    This forgiving board profile is flat between your feet and rockered towards the tip and tail. Our Flat-Rock boards are super easy to ride and offer a neutral and fun riding profile. The Flat-Rock is perfect for cruising the groomers or making laps in the park.

    Flow Flat profile Snowboards
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Your Choice,
Four Types of Riding Style....


    You live for deep powder, steep mountains and are always eager to explore the mountain front to back. You are not afraid to go fast, hike for fresh snow and push the limits. The support and versatility of these bindings will not let you down.

    Flow Explorer category Snowboards
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  • Versatile

    You love to go snowboarding as much and long as you can, and you ride as much of the mountain as you can. Some days you just charge the groomers, other days you may hit the park, and when there is fresh powder you know where you will be!

    Flow Versatile category Snowboards
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  • Discover

    Snowboarding is awesome! Maybe you are just starting out, maybe your exciting annual trip is coming up, or maybe you want a SpeedEntry binding to keep up with your riding buddies. These bindings are exactly what you are looking for.

    Flow Discover category Snowboards
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  • Future

    Kids are the future. They pick up snowboarding so easily, and what is more fun than a day of riding with the whole family? Keep them stoked with the right gear, and be amazed by their on-snow antics. Our Micron line is designed specifically for your precious little shreds.

    Flow Future category Snowboards
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