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September 20, 2023
Flow Reference Wallet: Unlocking Flow’s potential with a fully open-source reference wallet for builders
Flow Reference Wallet: Unlocking Flow’s potential with a fully open-source reference wallet for builders

A New Wallet: Flow Reference Wallet

As Flow continues to grow and gains new capabilities, it’s critical for the wallets in our ecosystem to leverage those developments to differentiate themselves and provide additional support for their users.

With this in mind, we are launching a new wallet on Flow: Flow Reference Wallet, a new self-custodial wallet designed to serve as a beacon for the Flow ecosystem, guiding wallets with a 100% open-source implementation of the novel and unique opportunities for wallets on the Flow blockchain. The wallet establishes a new standard for wallet development with a secure, open-source, and community-driven foundation on which other wallet developers can build. With a primary focus on demonstrating support for Account Linking and Account Recovery, as well as a clear path toward Secure Enclave support on iPhone, Flow Reference Wallet will showcase the valuable product and feature opportunities for wallets on Flow.

Demonstrating Account Linking on Flow

Account Linking support paves the way towards frictionless mainstream consumer onboarding to Web3 by providing mechanics to help users link and manage their linked application accounts. With Account Linking, users don’t need a wallet to sign up to an app - rather, they can link one later in just one click to access an entire universe of dApps on Flow. Account Linking is a great way for dApps to leverage Flow’s ecosystem of products and connect to the over 22 million user accounts on Flow.

Available Now

Flow Reference Wallet is available for download on the Apple App Store, Google Play store and the Chrome extension store. It’s open source and uses permissible licenses that enable other wallets to build upon its implementation, leading toward stronger wallet offerings on Flow. There are also ecosystem grants available to encourage community participation in its development.

Chrome Extension:

Flow’s Commitment to it’s Wallet Ecosystem

Flow is committed to an open, thriving ecosystem of wallets on Flow. That’s why Flow Reference Wallet is committed to abstaining from any app partnerships or promotions, as well as generating revenue for Flow Foundation.

Dive Deeper and Learn More

We’re excited to see how Flow Reference Wallet will benefit the entire Flow ecosystem! If you’re a wallet developer and would like to learn more, check out the in-depth technical primer document here: