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Flow Foundation

Flow Foundation

Empowering Flow: Building Community Leadership for Sustainable Ecosystem Success
Last updated: Sep. 18, 2023


The Flow Foundation aims to unlock a new frontier for innovators by fostering a boundless, enduring, and community-run ecosystem on Flow. The Flow Foundation’s role is to articulate and help the ecosystem execute a product strategy to enable the next generation of on-chain apps on Flow.


The Flow Foundation (FF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting Flow and related technologies.

The FF is not a company nor a traditional non-profit. Their role is not to control or lead Flow, nor are they the only organization that funds critical development of Flow-related technologies. The FF is one part of a much larger ecosystem dedicated to Flow, by empowering builders with grants, fostering community collaboration, and championing overall network autonomy.

Key Flow Foundation Programs (more coming soon)

Development of Flow

The development of the Flow protocol is critical to the support of the ecosystem. The FF’s priorities are to:

  • Make Flow the best developer platform for building mainstream experiences without compromising composability, decentralization and ownership
  • Make it ubiquitous that Flow is the best place for building composable smart contracts with more on-chain utility
  • Ensure core protocol scaling, security hardening, and completeness

Details on upcoming features and priorities can be found on the Flow Roadmap.


The Flow Grants Program provides access to resources for developers, entrepreneurs, and community members who are dedicating their time and skills to the development of the Flow ecosystem. The Grants Program is a starting point to inspire contributions in the most impactful areas of the ecosystem today. Learn more about the process to participate and opportunities available with the Flow Grants Program.

Hackathons & Events

The Flow Foundation provides operational support and resources to enable the many hackathons that take place across the Flow ecosystem every year. Hackathons are an important avenue to allow cross-industry, cross-discipline, and cross-project (i.e. “composability”) collaboration … a place where some of the best ideas are born! Learn more about past and upcoming Flow Hackathons on the Flow hackathon page. You can also find upcoming events and discussions on the Flow events calendar.

Ambassador Program

Flow Ambassadors are individuals–content creators, builders, event organizers, moderators, thought leaders, and evangelists–that are passionate about contributing to the advancement of the Flow network and blockchain technology as a whole. The Flow Foundation ensures ambassadors have an outlet for resources and initiative alignment. Learn more about getting involved as a Flow ambassador.

Flow Foundation Administration

Learn more about the operations and administration of the Flow Foundation.