Crescendo is coming to Flow this July! Flow supercharges the Ethereum ecosystem with full EVM-equivalency and the power of Cadence 1.0.
Flow Governance

Flow Network

Boundless | Enduring | Community-run

Flow’s governance structure has been crafted to prioritize network safety, transparency, and longevity.

With a community-led approach to drive platform maintenance, administration, and growth, Flow governance effectively serves the collective needs of the community, fostering an evolving platform that benefits all stakeholders.

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FLIPs - Envisioning the Future

Flow embraces the idea of building in public where anyone can propose changes, and if these proposals garner sufficient community support, they are implemented.

Working groups

Flow actively leverages working groups to foster engagement in addressing crucial challenges and driving innovation. We are pleased to present a number of working groups - read more about them here.

Network decentralization

Flow is a permissionless and decentralized network, uniting diverse stakeholders including validators, delegators, developers, and enthusiasts. For a deeper understanding, visit network's decentralization overview.

FLOW Tokenomics

FLOW token is the native token of the  Flow network. For more information about Flow's tokenomics, visit the tokenomics overview.

FlowCAN (coming soon)

FlowCAN is a network of Flow ecosystem members who share their collective wisdom and expert opinions on upcoming changes. Their presence ensures a range of community perspectives are valued and heard before significant changes are made. To learn more, visit FlowCAN.

Flow Foundation

For an overview of the Flow Foundation's mission, objectives, and approach to nurturing a thriving and inclusive Flow ecosystem, please visit the Flow Foundation Administration page.

Join the Community

Contribute your ideas, drive innovation, and help propel Flow towards a brighter future. Join the Discord community ↗ , explore the Flow Forum ↗, or find a project you’re excited about on Flowverse ↗.

Community Voting

To ensure prioritization of impact-oriented proposals, Flow employs a community voting tool where token holders of all sizes can weigh in. To learn more and explore the latest proposals, visit